How a Student Can Start a Personal Blog?

You are a student and want to run your own blog? Here is the solution.

Nowadays, blogging is very common amongst students and if you are also interested in earning money online or even want to get a start with freelancing then, starting a blog is a must. Basically, you can do many things with a blog and you will have endless ways to use a blog which will also help you in making a good amount of money. Further, blogging can also make you a better and more perceptive writer. It will also help you create a new network of friends.

On the other hand, you can also start your website which offers help in writing projects and assignments of various other students and can make good money in your spare time. One of the best examples of such types of websites is Essay on Time, which is a website that provides solutions in writing research papers and assignments for people searching the web for help. Now, let’s talk about starting a blog. Let me tell you that starting a blog is a fairly easy process and it will also work if you have limited technical skills. It can be just done in less than an hour.

Below mentioned are steps by following which any student can start a personal blog easily:

1. The Planning phase

The first and the basic step of starting a blog is a planning phase. See, planning is very important for blogging and you have to make certain goals with proper planning which you can execute easily. With proper planning you can easily build a conceptual foundation for your blog.

2. Choose a Domain and Hosting plan

Second and the most important step in starting a blog is to choose a domain name and hosting plan for your blog. We recommend Bluehost to the students. It is basically a web hosting company that also makes the process of getting domain name easy. So, just visit Bluehost and select get started and after that click on WordPress and it will direct you to a new page. Now select the plan which suits you best.

Further, on the next page you can choose is your domain name. It’s recommended that while choosing a domain name always put a thought in the name of your blog because having various options in mind is always a good idea.

3. Install WordPress

Now after choosing a domain name and web host just install WordPress. For this, you have to check your email because various confirmation mails and links for setup are sent to your email id only. WordPress comes with an easy to use installation guide and is also famous for its speedy process of installation. So, just go ahead and install it.

4. Install plugins

Now, after WordPress is installed, go ahead and try to add some useful plugins. These are simply add-ons which can give your blog a new functionality. With some plugins you can also add sidebar widgets, security and many more features. Therefore, to add a plugin, just go to the plugins option and add new. Then choose as per your needs and add them.

5. Choose a theme

After you are done with plugins go ahead and choose some themes for your blog. WordPress has a huge variety of free and premium themes that will give your blog a totally new look.

6. Content creation

Now the last and the most important step in starting a blog is content creation. In fact, this is the most crucial step because people have lots of ideas, but when it comes to posting them, many people fail to post the right content. So, it is always better to decide on your niche first and start creating content according to that only. Further, in the beginning, stick to your niche only and once you set up your name on the web, your audience will start growing and they will also post some comments and requests for more blogs.

Therefore, these are some basic steps and by following them any student can start a personal blog easily and in a very short span of time