How to Blog ? – Everything You Need to Know (A Complete Guide)

Hello all. I hope everyone is doing fine. Today, I’m here to share with you all, the most important topic, “How to Blog?” I’m sure you must’ve heard a lot on blogging by now if you’re into Blogging for quiet a period of time. What’s new in this? There are many people out there, that blog for money, some out of passion and some for fun. But, if you are the one among those who is expecting some money from your blog, you must definitely know how to blog. It isn’t just writing something, publishing it and relaxing. There are a lot more things you should consider if you are serious in blogging. In this article, I’ll give you detailed info on blogging. So, let us start with creating a blog.

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How to Create a Blog ?

So, the first question that arises for someone who’s not at all familiar with blogging is “How to create a blog?” Creating a blog is very simple. All you need to do is, select a blogging platform, then select a name that suits your niche and create one. With less than 5 clicks, your blog could be completely set up and is ready to go live on web. But, make sure you submit your blog to Google for faster Indexing once you’re done creating it.

After creating a blog, you need to follow everything, step-by-step. The below are the blog writing tips: How to write your blog, How to promote it etc. Check out every single detail very carefully even if you are blogging for some time. Make sure you avoid the Common Mistakes in Blog Writing as most of us make mistakes while Blogging.

Content Writing

For any blog to be successful, Content Is The King. You must’ve excellent content with you and must be sure to have a content creating strategy. Though you are good with content, if you do not plan on it, ultimately you cannot do well. So, make sure you plan and organize your content. And as you were said that content is king, it does not mean you just write great content and wait for visits. In blogging, no matter if you’ve great content or you write some shit on your blog, all you need to do is, use Adwords Keyword Planner. Other than content writing, SEO plays a major role to build your blog.

Promoting the Right way

When you first hear the word “Promoting”, there are generally three sites that strikes your mind. FacebookGoogle and Twitter are the major proportions that have most active and engaging users and there’s no surprise if you promote your blog just there. But promoting your blog just in these 3 sites are not enough if you want a decent traffic from social media. In fact, it can be considered as spam (by readers & Google) if you promote too often. So, what else can you do? Are there any other sites to promote? Yes, of course. There are 5+ Brilliant Sites To Do Social Media Marketing(SMM) ( make it nofollow). Check this out and promote your blog and get visits to your site.

How Often should you Promote ?

This is where most of the people fail. Many of us here write great content, promote it in all these platforms and wait for visits. As expected, we get some visits for that day and then we’re done. What about the next day? The other day? Should you write another article and publish it? Believe me, it’s not the right way. There are many people out there, who believe that number of posts bring visitors to blog. That is completely wrong. How can you then get visits? Build your brand right from the beginning and increase your popularity. So, once you write the article and publish it on Facebook, you get your visitors (loyal) checking the article. The next day promote it on the other sites. And if you are good with SEO, then you can obviously get some visits through Search Engines. And, visitors from Search Engines is everything that you need. For better ranking of your blog, for getting some more loyal returning visitors and for everything else, results on Search Engines helps. So, concentrate more on SEO.

When I say, concentrate more on SEO, there are just a few simple things you need to take care of. Keywords(better if you choose Long tail keywords), Internal Linking, at least one outbound link, ALT tags, Meta Description, density of keyword usage(not more than 3%) and lengthy posts etc are the  basic rules  that can take your post search results to a new level.

Building Backlinks

This happens to be one of the most powerful and most important tool to get clicks to your blog. There are many ways to build backlinks to your blog out of which the easiest and best way is “Blog Commenting.” However, this is an outdated method by now and it might not create much value.

Below are some common practices

  • Do not comment on blogs that does not have the same niche as yours. That purely gives negative impact for your blog.
  • Do not spam. Having too many number of “nofollow” links may be a negative SEO. So, be careful with that too.
  • Your comment must be appropriate and must add value. Users should find some benefit through the link you’ve provided in the comment. Or else, the chances of your blog being penalized are very more.

The most appropriate way to get backlinks is to crate goold contents that add value to the users and thereby earn natural links.

So creating backlinks manually is not recommended

Do not concentrate more on Alexa and Other Ranking Factors

I see most of the bloggers concentrate more on Alexa rank, Page Authority, Domain Authority etc. But, I can say they aren’t as important as you think. So, instead of these, build your brand, try writing great content, publish it, promote it the right way and wait for the clicks. Who cares for Alexa when you have enough clicks? Suppose, let us say your Alexa rank is around 20Lakhs and your daily visits are more than 2,000. With 2k visits a day, you can earn around 10$ while most blogs that have 5Lakhs or less Alexa rank could not. So, only a fool will worry for Alexa ranking.

Once, Page Rank was determining factor of a blog and so everyone worried & tried hard for that. Having high PR for your blog will attract more visits. But unfortunately, PR is officially dead now. So, it’s better to concentrate more on visits to your blog than anything else. When you have enough traffic and rank better on search engines for your articles, everything else will automatically be better. So, CONCENTRATE ON TRAFFIC AND SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS. Try these 7 Advanced Search Engine Optimization Tips to rank better on Google or any other famous search engines.

Connect with More Bloggers

Try to build your name and connect more with Bloggers. Interact more and learn something new from them. Organize webinars and any other training sessions and build your brand. This helps a lot to get visits to your sites. Once you are an online celebrity, there is no need to promote more and more. So, building your reputation is the most important thing.

How to Build Reputation ?

Building reputation is slightly a difficult task. So, here I give you the best ways to build reputation. Try these and wait for the results.

  • Guest posts on most popular blogs will help you build your fame. If you can attract people with your post, they are likely to follow your posts on your blog, loyal readers.
  • Organize Webinars and give everything you know on the topic you chose.
  • Interact more with co-bloggers and learn new things and try them.
  • Always encourage users to comment on your blog and interact with every single comment personally.
  • If there is someone trying to learn new things on blogging, try encouraging them and give some advices.
  • Build readership of your blog by writing great content.
  • Try to organize some contests like give away, online interviews to an already popular blogger etc to attract more visitors.

These are the best possible ways to build your reputation. So, try them and wait for the results.

Have a Good Blog Layout

Now that you have tried everything, having a good layout is also equally important to attract more users. Do not put many ads on your home page. It takes more time for the page to load and so you can lose number of users. Do not use contrasting colors in your template design. Try using simple and elegant, SEO optimized themes for better results.

These are the things you need to follow for better results. Try these and you can have the expected results soon. Happy Blogging.