Movavi Video Suite Review: Best Movie Making Software

You don’t have to worry if you are not a professional movie maker. If you have a decent video editing and camera knowledge then you can easily convert just about any movie or video into something creative and imaginative.

Movavi knows that everyone is not a pro when it comes to movie editing, thus it offers its great movie making software, which can be used by everyone without any assistance. Movavi Video Suite is an application designed to offer a powerful yet easy to use movie editing solution to users who are less experienced or works at home.

Why Movavi Is Best Movie Making Software?

Interface – Movavi Video Suite has well-organized and designed user interface so it is not all complicated to use if you are using it for the first time. On the main screen, there are large buttons with their labels, so you are not going too confused about what a specific button do.

Making a movie with this software is easy, you can turn any of your audio or video into clips. You can make them even more creative and beautiful by adding voice overs as well as a video commentary. For those who often upload videos to YouTube, this software is very much helpful as they can edit their videos into it and can directly upload them to YouTube or Facebook with few clicks. Personally I had used this tool and I am very much satisfied with it. Frankly speaking, I had never opened the help menu, because getting your work done on this software is so easy.

Convert and Watch – This is one of the best feature this tool have. It supports more than 170 files types of video and audio, which includes DVD and CD. You can save your files into more than 200 file formats. If you want to preview the edited video before saving, then you can use Watch Folder to automate the conversion of new media files which appears on your system.

Enjoy 3D anywhere – Watching videos and movies in 3D is in trend now a days. You too had watched many movies in 3D. Right? Have you ever thought that you can enjoy even your own personal videos in 3D? Yes I am serious; you can convert any 2D movie into 3D with this amazing movie maker and editor.

After creating or converting 2D video in 3D, you can save it in more than 200 formats which supports most of the devices. Including iPad, iPhone, Windows, HTC, Android, Mac and many more. There is predefined settings specific to each device so that you can convert your videos easily.

More Features Movavi Movie Maker Software Offers

  • Easy creation of movies.
  • Improves video quality by adding different kind of enhancements.
  • Add various special effects.
  • Split, crop, and join movies or add music and titles.
  • Create slideshows with different kind of images (formats) like 1-2-3.
  • Import and save 2D and 3D video in any format: SD, HD, DVD.
  • Capture video from camcorders, TV-tuners, and VHS. Record audio.
  • Upload videos directly to YouTube and Facebook.

Final Words

There are many more features you are going to get with this amazing and useful movie making software. You can capture screenshots from external devices, edit them or upload them. Burn DVS/CD and Blu-Ray Discs. Built in media player and much more. I must say that this is the best movie maker and editor one can have in his system.