Tech achievments that are possible in the near future

We can see world around changing with development of technology. Many tech achievements become a common part of human daily life. We are on a threshold of new era and the new history of humankind. Tech that is shown in science fiction movies will become real one day.

Table of Contents

Robots and drones for home

We all get used to the advent of home robots due to the rapid development of robotics. Boom of creating commercial drones is just a beginning. In near future, more intelligent machines will be sold in the market. Will it be something like ASIMO robot created by Honda that can assist and communicate with people? Maybe it will be a machine that can replace human in some work (such as waitress). But one thing is clear, the development of robotics will not be stopped. Soon, in addition to televisions, computers, washing machines and microwaves, an army of robotic assistants will be integral part of every household on the planet.


I think many people have been watching the cartoon “Futurama” and they remember these special pipes that allowed citizens to move from one location to another. Well, the company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) is working on a similar idea now. Elon Musk proposed Hyperloop concept for the first time in 2013. It is a system of transportation between cities in the closed vacuum tubes. Passengers, sitting in special capsules will be able traveling from one town to another with a speed about 1,300 mph. It is even faster than speed of sound. Digital screens and variety of promotional offers will provide not only pleasant convenient super-fast transportation but also entertaining. The HTT claims that Hyperloop system will be more efficient cost-effective than any other transit system. Now, such technology is being tested.

Smart glass

Durable, flexible, intelligent … glass? Yes, we are entering the “era of glass” without noticing it. A new type of glass can change our home and workplace with its ability to become transparent, opaque, and remaining strong and unbreakable. It can even be used as a touchpad. The walls that are made of smart glass can work like window, which enables controlling amount of transmitted light, heat, and making our home more comfy.  Just imagine that every surface of your home can be transformed from the wall to the window and then from window to TV screen. And all that will be made with help of your hand. These technologies are tempting.


Imagine that design of houses, video games, space exploration done in three-dimensional space. We can see such amazing future with the help of holographic technology. This tech has great potential in all ares due to its ability to complement physical world with digital one. We will be able to see any place in the world with help of holograms.

The future is now. We just have to make a step towards it!