Technological Revolution in Education – New Insights 2021

Technology has always been one of the basic parts in human education. From the time when a man used to paint figures on rock caves to this day when students use gadgets like computer and phones to gather information. There was a time when people understood only audio and visual technology when talking about Technology in Education. Now there are different kinds of technologies and gadgets for educational purpose by which students can learn at ease. This shows how technology took a huge leap in the field of education.

According to survey around billions of students around the world are getting benefit by using educational technologies. Many global investors around the world invest billions of dollars in ed-tech companies. Edtech is becoming a rapidly growing industry at a breakneck speed. Here are some of the technological revolutions in the field of education.

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Access to Personal Mobile Devices:

In this 21st century, almost all students have access to their own personal mobile devices. According to a study, almost 90% of students from high school and 50% of students from class  8th to 12th have personal mobile devices and other gadgets with a proper internet connection. Students can gather information from anywhere and at any time of the day because of this improvement of technology in education. Apart from personal devices, many students also get access to gadgets such as tablets and laptops with internet connection in their school. So these devices have helped the education system a lot by improving its standards and simplifying the educational processes.

Connecting via Internet:

According to the same study, 64% of students have access to an internet connection through their mobile devices, laptop or other gadgets. Through this internet connection, students can have access to unlimited information at any time. Almost all schools and colleges have a wifi enabled campus where students, as well as students, can gather useful information. Due to the internet, the reach for educational solutions has increased drastically.

Video classes

Video is one of the most powerful tools for students to learn and memorize easily. Video lectures and tutorials are not only available only on the internet but also many teachers teach using video in schools and classes. Many schools in India have the facility of smart classes where students can learn through visualization. Almost one-third of school and college students are accessing video lectures online through their personal device for their studies. Many students also use video lectures for CAT Preparation, IAS Preparation preparing for competitive exams like JEE Exam, UPSC etc.

Using different tools for different tasks

As technology is improving day by day students are using different kinds of tools for their own very specific need. Rather than the traditional way of teaching where students used to learn from the teacher, now with the development in technology students access to different videos and lectures for understanding better. Students can take advantage of the different tools available for doing a different task with the help of technology.

Tracking Performance

Previously schools and colleges could not track the performance of each student systematically. The progress report provided in schools and colleges did not share all the details of the students. For example, if a student is doing good in all the subjects except for Maths, the parents will not be able to see where the student is lacking concept and making mistake. But with the improvement in technology teacher and parents can see where they are making mistake. The progression is shown by graphs and charts for each subject and topic so that students can analyze and rectify their mistakes.